see what clients have said of their custom pet portraits

Lynda, Lincolnshire. LEXI, DYLAN & ZAK

“It has arrived! It is so lovely. Thank you so much.I love your work xx”

Margaret, Aberdeenshire. SLINKY

“Wow that’s amazing – it’s getting pride of place in the family room; thank you so much. The detail is incredible. You’re so lucky to have this talent; when I zoom in I can see all her little hairs”

Nicolette, Southampton. FINLAY

“It’s so beautiful, it made me cry. Thank you very very much. It’s going to be lovely to have it on my wall.”

Nick, Surrey. MOLLY

“Wonderful work! Absolutely love it!”

Nav, Worcester. FRENCH BULLDOG

(commissioned by Phoenix French bulldog Rescue)

“OMG that is so beautiful! Oh I love it! Thank you so much xx”

Carol, Surrey. THISTLE & BREEZE

I love it and I quite like the orange or yellow backgrounds…

“Oh wow!!! Love it and love the blue / lilac backgrounds x”

Nadine, New Zealand. JEWEL

“They are beautiful, so talented Lynne! Thank you!!! We love all the background colours, but I think white shows her off”

Claire, Middlesex. Luna

“So pleased with our beautiful pet portrait! Thank you! You are so talented! She has pride of place in the hallway! xx”

Lynn, Middlesex RALF

“Oh that’s really lovely, thank you so much, he’s gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have such a talent, Lynne!!

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